Boxed Original Corgi Gift Set 38 Monte Carlo Rally


Corgi Gift Set 38  Monte Carlo Rally.  Very Scarce.   Issued 1965-1967

For 2 years only this wonderful gift set was a very special gift. It depicted an era of rallying when at its peak of popularity. Now it still continues to be a very desirable set for collectors  and retains its special status.

This set comprises of three cars  the 318 Mini Cooper S, 322 Rover 2000 and the 326 Citroen DS19 with roof aireal. It is presented in a  pictorial picture box with an excellent internal packing piece stand and back drop. The mini in red with white roof racing number 52. Rover in metallic plum with white roof and racing number 136. Finally the Citroen in pale blue with white roof and racing number 75. All cars have shaped spun hubs and black treaded tyres.   

The Mini and the Rover are in near mint condition .  The Citroen is in very good condition with a couple of very small marks. The transfers are in excellent condition. All treaded tyres and shaped spun hubs and base unmarked.

Complete with all flaps and no repairs. Showing age related wear  with a  little staining on one corner of the picture. Complete with all flaps and no repairs. The internal packing piece is in very good condition.

A very hard to find gift set in an original box.

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