Corgi Gift Set 4 - Bloodhound Guided Missile Set


This boxed Corgi Gift Set was issued between 1958-60, a difficult to find set in any condition.

It comprises:

1. Corgi 351 RAF Land Rover , tin canopy and flat spun wheels including spare. Tow hook. Condition is very good.

2. Corgi 1115 Bristol Ferranti Bloodhound Missile with replacement nose cone. Condition is good plus with a small bits of paint loss especially to the missile edges.

3. Corgi 116 Launching Ramp. Condition is  very good.

4. Corgi Bloodhound Loading Trolley. Condition is very good.

The original colourful box complete with upper and lower packing pieces is in Fair to Good condition, sellotaping to the corners, the corner illustrated is in the poorest condition. Overall showing age related wear, however the lovely graphics are still bright after 60+ years.

The Rocket Age leaflet is included which has lots of details of this military range.

A lovely addition to the military Corgi collection.

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