DUX Astroman Robot


Germany did not produce many space toys and robots.

The Dux Astroman was produced circa 1962, Dux was better known for it's construction sets.

The 12 inch model is sheathed in translucent green styrene allowing the workings including a small light to be viewed.

It also has an intricate set of operations. Using the attached battery operated corded remote control you can make the Astroman walk forward, bend over and move its hands , when these operations are performed the Astroman lights up. All tested and working.

Overall the condition is very good. Most antennae are reproductions which I believe this one is also. The lift up front flap is a slightly different shade of colour and therefore may have been replaced.

The original box is in good condition overall condition, one end flap is split at the edge and the bottom right hand part of the lid is torn.The inner packaging is complete.

Overall a very rare robot toy. 

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