Kingsbury 1927 Sunbeam Tinplate Land Speed car


KINGSBURY SUNBEAM RACER 1927, pressed steel, painted in red overall, mesh grille, both British and American flag decals, working clockwork motor.

Everything is original, no restorations or repaint. Missing driver and steering wheel.

These are extremely rare cars when they do appear are often in very poor condition.

Sunbeam built racing cars for Henry Segrave, who won the French and Spanish GPs in 1923/4. They also built a Brooklands racer for K L Guinness based on a V12 27 litre 350 hp (260 kW) Sunbeam Manitou engine, originally designed to power the R34 airship.

This famous car (Sunbeam 350HP) established a new Land Speed Record at Brooklands and in Malcolm Campbell’s hands at Pendine Sands, where it achieved 150.766 mph (242.634 km/h) in 1925 after renaming it Blue Bird and painting it blue.

In 1926 Sunbeam built the truly gigantic Sunbeam 1000HP powered by two 450 hp (340 kW) Matabele engines. On 29 March 1927 the car with Segrave on the wheel captured the speed record at 203.792 mph (327.971 km/h). Segrave becoming the first person to travel over 200 mph (320 km/h). 

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