Original Boxed Dan Dare Cosmic Ray Gun - 1954


Produced by Palitoy in 1954.

 Dan Dare arrived in the pages of Eagle magazine in 1950, we finally had our own Buck Rogers. As you would expect this included a level of merchandising Rockets, costumes, plastic figures, space phones, pop-up books, and, of course, ray guns. While all these guns were fantastic, the best of the best was the Cosmic Ray Gun with Tri-Color Beam.

 Pulling the trigger produces a clicking noise while at the same time firing a flashlight beam of light. Turning one of two knobs located just above the reflector flips either a red or yellowish-green gel in front of the light bulb, changing the beam's colour. The gun also has not one but two compartments for secret messages, one located under a yellow cap in the back, and one in a hidden panel in the butt of the gun's handle. 

This is a plastic battery operated Ray Gun finished in red and yellow with a chrome lighting cover.

The Ray Gun has not been tested as I have been unable to find the correct batteries. The battery compartment is clean, no damage to the body of the gun, slight age related tarnishing to the chrome cover.The reflectors flippers both work.

The original box has fantastic graphics and is in very good condition as is the inner card with printed descriptions. No instructions but an original Eagle advertisement for the Cosmic Ray Gun.

advertisement for the Ray Gun is included.


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