TippCo Tinplate Clockwork Searchlight Truck 1936/38


 A Tipp & Co - Model Nr 178 - searchlight mounted on a 6 wheeled Krupp-type heavy truck (Scheinwerferauto) produced from 1936 to 1938.

 The camoflague paint effect is of sand, chocolate brown and green with further lithographed details. The front wheels are positionable for steering, the drivers door does open, two composition soldier figures are seated on the ammunition box ,the searchlight elevates and traverses.

The fisheye glass searchlight is run from a battery compartment on the flat bed with an on/off switch this has not been tested and no bulb is present. It is powered by a clockwork motor which drives the middle wheels.This has not been tested. No key.

The vehicle measures 25cm in length by 9cm wide by 14cm tall.

 Overall the condition is very good considering its age.

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